Why strength train?

I was fortunate enough to find my joy in running very early on my fitness journey. And although that is where I spend a lot of time when it comes to my fitness routine, I still find time 2-3 days per week for some type of strength training, why?

– First off lets be honest, of course cardio will help burn those calories and help lose weight, but building muscle helps us feel better about how we look. So there is that, but there is much more from a fitness aspect.

– After the age of 30, most adults lose 1/2 pound per year of muscle! So what does that mean,, well much more than just “looks”.

1) Muscle tissue is responsible for a portion of the calories we burn while resting. So the more we have, the more calories we burn while sitting at the computer, driving, etc.

2) As we lose muscle we will get weaker. So as we get older, the simple things in life will become more difficult. Taking in groceries, lifting a grandchild, getting up from a chair, etc.

3) Studies have shown that Bone Mineral Density may increase by 1-3% as a result of resistance training.

4) Studies have shown that resistance training helps improve TYPE 2 Diabetes with improved insulin sensitivity.

Now that doesn’t mean you gotta go start throwing some heavy weights. Try some pushups (modified if needed) some body squats or some other body weight exercises. The point is to put some resistance on those muscles. Try to hit each muscle group at least 2 days per week.

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